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The Spoil Your Taste Buds Hot/BBQ Sauce bundle [6] -

Pantry | Sauces





This six pack features a collection of our five original hot sauces and one spicy BBQ sauce. This set is a great way to try multiple and find your favorites! They will take you through multiple flavour journeys with Caribbean to European infusions. With such a variety and favourful palette there are so many ways to use these sauces.

The SPOIL YOUR TASTE BUDS package includes –

[1] Sauce – Aggedon Hot Sauce
[1] Sauce – Squatch Hot Sauce
[1] Caribbean Affair Hot Sauce
[1] Crossfire Spicy BBQ Sauce
[1] Life Support Hot Sauce
[1] K-9 Unit Hot Sauce

Use them as dips or marinades. They are a party's best friend with diverse flavours to spoil all taste bud needs.

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