European Flavour Factory Ltd. is currently On Vacation. Please check back soon for when they return and thank you for your interest!

About European Flavour Factory Ltd.


European Flavour Factory home grows Carolina Reaper peppers, adding their special heat for extra flavour in all of our hot sauces. We start with a pinch and ramp up the amount as we go hotter and hotter. See the hotness level on every sauce label to get a sense of what you’re getting into. Skip out on vinegar and capsaicin extract that doesn’t do much for taste or heat. Our sauces are passed on through our family in Europe and never compromise on the quality you can always count on. Give your mouth a vacation and visit the flavour profiles of Hungary, Germany, Turkey, France, and the Caribbean from beautiful British Columbia. See our sauces and their hotness levels below, and ditch your old sauce in the bin today!