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Bannock Queen is unique to me as it represents my dual heritage of Scottish and Cree. My bannock is original without the use of yeast, sugar or dairy. Made with special technique and care for a quality product. Bannock creations include: Original Bannock - created in large or small bun size good for sandwiches, packs of 5 flat breads good for pizza or any toppings. Cinnamon Veggie Meat Pies Bannock Breads - Aged Cheddar Cheese, Apple Fritter Bread, Raisin Cinnamon (no sugar), Original Bannock Bread & Sweet Cinnamon Bread Parmesan Garlic Chips Bannock Blueberry Crumble Bannock Jam Puffs - blueberry, strawberry, mango or a variety pack Bannock Queen Jam - pint jars of blueberry, strawberry, mango. All Bannock products are made the day of delivery. Custom orders and catering is available. Let us know what you require and we will create a product for you. Cheers Donna Lee

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